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Welcome to the Jewish Link Wine Guide

This year, we were met with 660+ bottles as entries in our ranked tastings, and we made special efforts this year to highlight wines that are unique in the kosher world, both for those who wish to move beyond a basic cab or refreshing chardonnay and to thank those who make niche wines available for the kosher marketplace. While these may not be wines from far-flung corners of the world, they are few and far between in the kosher world; even if there are 1500 Gavi di Gavis made in Italy, there’s only one available kosher. We’ve continued to engineer our rankings and sought to improve our top 10 varietal lists, including “best worldwide lists” for cabernet, merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, “Israeli blends” and others. We hope you enjoy these lists and find them useful as you shop for Pesach and throughout the year.

We are grateful our efforts in previous years have been well-received and as we conclude our preparations this year, it is with a strong sense that we continue to toil toward something important. As we celebrate the brands which grace our Shabbat tables every week, we continue to see the importance of supporting the innovators and hard workers behind these brands. Every bottle of kosher wine represents an incredible amount of work on behalf of the consumer, and we could not be more grateful to celebrate and recommend so many within this beautiful community.

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